Beef Jerky Balado (Dendeng Balado Sapi) Recipe

strong>Jerky Ingredient:

1     kg        Beef Meat (you can use topside, sirloin or tenderloin), cut slice 5 x 5 cm

3     pcs       Lime (Juicing)

1     tsp        Salt

3     cloves   Garlic (Puree)

2     cm        Ginger (Puree)

500 ml         Vegetables Oil

Balado Ingredient:

100 gr      Shallot (slice)

100 gr      Big Red Chili (Crush)

½    tsp    Salt

1     tsp    Sugar

200 ml     Coconut Water

5     tbsp    Vegetables Oil


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Marinated meat with lime juice, salt, garlic and ginger, set aside for 1 hour. Simmer meat with wok until the meat dries out water. Then crush meat until color of meat changing to white.


Preheat 5 tbsp vegetables oil, saute shallot until fragrance. Add big red chili and salt until fragrance. Add coconut water and meat, cook until thickens and meat is tender.


For: 8 pax

Origin: west sumatra province


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