Galanggal Chicken Fried (Ayam Goreng Lengkuas) Recipe


350      ml         Coconut Milk

1          whole    Chicken (cut into 8 part)

100      gr          Young Galanggal (fine grated)

2          pcs        Keffir Lime

1          pcs        Lemongrass (crush)

2          pcs        Indonesian Bayleaf

500      ml         Vegetables Oil

Spices in Puree:

1         pcs         Big red chili

2         tsp         Coriander (roasted)

¼        tsp         Cumin (roasted)

4         pcs         Garlic

6         pcs         Shallot

4         pcs         Candlenut

1         tsp          Tamarind

4         cm         Ginger

1         tsp         Salt

1         tsp         Sugar


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Mixed coconut milk with spice in puree.

Add chicken, galanggal grated, keffir lime, lemongrass and Indonesian bayleaf, cook with low heat until tender and dries, remove the chicken and separate with spice in puree.

Heat oil with medium heat, fried chicken with medium heat until the colour change to golden brown, pick up and set a side.

Fried the spice in puree until the colour change to brown, pick up and drain the oil.

Mixed chicken with spice in puree and put on the plate.


For: 8 portion

Origin: west sumatra province 

#Galanggal Chicken Fried (ayam goreng lengkuas)