Grilled Chicken Padang Recipe (Ayam Bakar Padang)

1       pcs     Whole chicken (cut in to 8 pcs)

2       tbsp    Lime Juice.

1       tsp      Salt

4       tbsp    Vegetables Oil

2       pcs      Lemongrass (crush)

1       pcs      Asam Kandis (if you can’t find, you can substitute with tamarind)

2       pcs      Kaffir Leaf

2       pcs      Indonesia Bay Leaf

300   ml       Coconut Milk


Spice in Puree:

10    pcs      Shallot

4      pcs      Garlic

5      pcs      Candlenut (roasted)

5      pcs      Curly Red Chili

2      cm       Ginger

2      cm       Turmeric (roasted)

1      tsp       Whole White Pepper

1      tsp       Salt


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  1. Marinated chicken with lime juice and salt, set  side for 30 minutes.
  2. Heat vegetable oil, saute subtle seasoning until fragrance.
  3. Add chicken, lemongrass, asam kandis, kaffir leaf, Indonesian Bay Leaf, half of coconut milk. Cook chicken with medium heat until tender.
  4. Add more coconut milk, cook until thickened while continuing stir it. After completely tender, lift up and chill.
  5. Grill chicken on charcoal until fragrance.


For: 8 portion.

Origin: West Sumatra Province

#Grill Chicken Padang (Ayam Bakar Padang)