Sour Chicken Padeh (Asam Padeh Ayam) Recipe


5 tbsp        vegetable oil

500 ml      water

2 pcs         lemongrass (crush)

1 pcs         turmeric leaf (crush)

3 pcs         kaffir lime

2 cm         galanggal (crush)

¾ tsp       sugar (white sugar)

4 pcs         asam kandis (if u can find it you can change with tamarind)

5 pcs         cucumber tree

1 whole chicken (cut into 8 pcs)

Solo City

Solo CitySolo City

Mixed Ingredient:

10 pcs           red chili

8  pcs            shallot

4  pcs            garlic

1   tsp            coriander

2  cm             ginger

3  cm             turmeric

2  tsp             salt


  1. saute mixed ingredient till fragrance, blended till smooth
  2. saute no 1 till fragrance.
  3. then add water, galanggal, turmeric leaf, kefir lime, galanggal, sugar and asam kandis,
  4.  Cook until water is shrinking.
  5. add chicken until chicken smooth and until the gravy thickens


For 8 pax

Origin: west sumatra province

#Sour Chicken Padeh (Asam Padeh Ayam)